together we're gonna wait around and die

I wonder what it feels like to be that one dude from the exploding hearts who survived


we’re having a rly fun time in Boston

we’re having a rly fun time in Boston

clandestine hadley rituals


I am collecting online/on-phone/on-cloud self portraits for a project that seeks to create a space where Selfies can go to die, a final resting place; specifically for Selfies that didn’t make the cut. It is the thesis of this project that with a polished finished Selfie-project comes at the very last two sketches. Rather than let these fallen soldiers lay to waste in your “Trash” or deleted & forgotten forever, this project will give them a proper burial.

All submissions will culminate as part of a multi-media performance instillation at the end of April that explores both the permanence and fleeting nature of self portraits on social media platforms.

Please submit all files to and specify:

  • Would you prefer your identity/face were blurred or otherwise obscured?
  • Are you comfortable with your Selfies being printed & hung in an instillation setting?
  • Would you like your Selfies relinquished back into your “care” after the piece goes up?

My promise as an artist & performer is to treat all submitted images with the care, specificity, & respect that they deserve throughout this process. I care deeply for & about digital self portraits and the culture in which they exist, my hope is to give Selfies a platform to thrive & exist autonomously. 

 Thank you & please reblog!!

whoops missed the deadline for an enormous grant that my department nominated me to apply for that would make my thesis possible to execute in the slightest ha ha ha the joke here is being in college

"my work" LOL